Why Automobile Safety Ratings Are Inaccurate – Legal Magazine

Why Automobile Safety Ratings Are Inaccurate – Legal Magazine


rry. It is essential to get auto insurance. The best way by far for getting auto insurance finding an auto insurance broker. They’ll look for the best deal for you since they’re not bound to market insurance products for specific company. This results in the best price and saving for your. It’s essential to own secure vehicle, as incidents happen on a daily basis. However, do safety ratings are not that accurate. This video will explain why.

Americans are becoming more overweight during the last few years. This can be attributed to many factors ranging from a lack of physical activity to greasy foods. It is the result that you get a typical American that is quite different than Americans fifty years ago. The dummies that were utilized to check the car’s crash safety haven’t changed much. It means that they’re no longer a precise model. Particularly, overweight individuals are up to 20% more likely than others to be in an accident with a vehicle. So, new dummies could require to be developed or there might be potential litigation revolving around inaccurate safety rating.


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