The Trick to Installing Roof Shingles – Source and Resource

The Trick to Installing Roof Shingles – Source and Resource

A business. You might be fortunate to know someone skilled and will help you install your roofing. There are also quite a variety of ways to install shingles. In this clip, you will learn some tricks for installing shingles.

Before doing anything else, make sure that you are prepared for the job and wear your protective equipment. You shouldn’t risk your life to fix a roof. A harness and rope are two types of security equipment that you’ll need.

First, you must put in the edge of drip. A common mistake to put the drip edge directly to the roof. But, it is best to hang overhang by at least half of an inch. This allows the water to move off of the drip edge without running into the siding. The siding will last longer without sustaining water damage.

There’s a possibility that your shingles may not line perfectly to the roofing when you are working with them. The temptation is to keep the shingles as is. You will need to trim them in order to make them match the roofing. They should not be overhanging in any way. It is the purpose of the drip edge is for.


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