The City of Rochester

The City of Rochester

If you are not very familiar with the state of New York, you may not be aware that the city of rochester is the third largest of the state after Buffalo and, of course, New York City. You may vaguely remember hearing of this city if you are a more mature American due to the fact that this is the home of the great George Eastman who developed and founded Eastman Kodak. Eastman maintained celebrity status because of his philanthropy. He supported the University of rochester by developing the Eastman School of Music. He was very generous to other good projects as well.

You may have heard of rochester because it was at one time, long ago, the center of the garment industry. The founders of Bausch and Lomb settled here as well. The city of rochester was once called The Flour City because it was first famous as the location for many flour mills which took up on the Genesee River. Sometimes now, it is called the Flower city. It takes the lead in Monroe County. It is now ranked as the sixth most livable cities based on the Places Related Almanac of 2007.

The city of rochester is east of Buffalo and sits on the southern shore of the Lake Ontario. Of course rochester gets more than it’s share of snow because of the lake effect. To the west is the city of Syracuse, another famous snow belt city. Here in New York, you will always find the distinct four seasons eery year and this fact alone attracts many visitors and keeps the local residents here for the long term. Winter is cold and this is expected, summer is hot and also expected. The autumn months are the most enjoyed by many because of the brilliant colors of the local foliage.

Other polls place the city of rochester at the top for the best quality of life and the third best place to live with your family. If you are planning a visit to see some family or friends here in Rochester, you can rest assured that there will be something for all tastes and budgets. You will have many options for fine lodging in luxury hotel rooms or suites. If you want to think outside the box, you can rent a house or possibly do a vacation house exchange with another family.

The local residents call rochester Festival City because they happen there so often (almost every weekend!) There is a great interest in the performing arts and museum exhibits. For example, the Rochester Museum and Science Center now is showing the Extreme Mammals Exhibition. Also ongoing at the memorial Art Gallery is the Going for Baroque every Sunday afternoon. This is a chance to hear a mini recital of Italian Baroque organ music which is said to be quite healing.

Of course, no matter how long you have been in the city be it years and years or hours and days, You must revisit the George Eastman House and look at their largest collection of cameras from the Cameras from the Technology Collection. Wit the same cost of admission you can enjoy a survey of one of the largest photograph collections in the world called, Untold Stories. The museum has over a half million of these and shows a small percentage of these for public display. This is the first of it’s kind and these pictures have seldom been seen.

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