The Best Puppy Food You Can Make at Home – Mom Recipes

The Best Puppy Food You Can Make at Home – Mom Recipes

So feeding them in line with their growing rate is vital. This video will show you the top puppy food recipe that is easy to make at your home.
Slow Cooker Recipes for Your Pet

1. Take about a pound un-skinless and boneless breasts of chicken or thigh. Put it into the crockpot.

2. A half cup of uncooked brown rice can also be recommended.

3. Peel and slice 2 sweet potatoes and two carrots.

4. You can also add frozen peas of 8oz.

5. You can also add a can of tomatoes diced.

6. You can add 1/4 cup fish oil to a cup of fish. It is beneficial for brain development.

7. Incorporate 1/2 teaspoon of iodized salt in the dish along with 1 teaspoon dried parsley.

8. 1.25 cups of water

9. Let it cook for between 5-6 hours. Be sure to stir it once every couple of hours.

10. You can make huge quantities of food and store it refrigerated inside an airtight container.

How active is your dog and the size of it determines the portion size. Before feeding your pet the highest quality homemade puppy food recipe, speak to your veterinarian.


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