Terrific Texas Tornadoes – Entertainment Videos

Terrific Texas Tornadoes – Entertainment Videos


They are just as terrifying as they are stunning. The massive funnels are in the lower regions of the cloud, and draw in dirt and other particles. The result is the famous greyish-brown funnel. It could also comprise roof shingles. In fact, many homeowners require a new roof after such an event. In this clip, you will observe a tornado crashing in Texas.

It is the 23rd of April, 2021. In the Texan prairie is dominated by one of the strongest supercells. The supercell that emerges from it will generate multiple tornadoes in one direction after another. The prairie is a stunning open-air landscape which makes observing tornadoes from a distance easy. Hank chooses to do this because it’s safer than chasing up near. Additionally, a massive system of hail is moving and could cause damage to his windshield. The photographer would like to avoid the storm, and steer clear of hail as much as possible. There is only one problem: some curious cows have taken the position of his camera and the tornado. There is, however, a cleaning up of the road bit further where Hank encounters a storm chaser friend.


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