Read This if You Want to Be a Plumber – Small Business Tips

Read This if You Want to Be a Plumber – Small Business Tips

between $48,000 and $70,000 per year. The video offers detailed details regarding commercial plumbing. The process takes about two years to become certified as a plumbing professional. In order to be a plumber, many states do not require you to have an undergraduate degree. Before making the decision you should know a few tips to be aware of.

A lot of states are required to pass examinations and continuing on-the-job training. This is because many states are looking for certificates when the person is working within the boundaries of their area. A degree may improve your employment chances.

Sought-after Skills

To be a commercial plumber is to have the foundational skills in math, problem-solving, project planning and checking. This is the minimum requirement for a plumber to get started. Also, the applicant should have the ability to read blueprints and construction codes.


Although it is preferable to have experience in commercial plumbing, it’s not required. Many plumbers who are journeyman or residential transition to commercial plumbing at the final stages. If you are looking to increase your earnings at a faster-paced occupation it is a good choice.


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