How To Pay Bail – Mezzanine Financing Legal News

How To Pay Bail – Mezzanine Financing Legal News

Know the basic concepts of bonding and how you can use it to be released from jail.

Bonds are a set amount of money you must pay to ensure you show up at the court. When you purchase a bond and it’s held until you are able to fulfill the court’s requirements and complete your sentencing.

The charges you’re facing with can affect the amount of the bond. If you are charged with murder, your bail could range from $100,000-$1,000,000. For something similar to the charge of DUI will be between $1000-$1500.

There is no need to cover the entire amount. Bail bondsmen are here to aid you. If you contract an bail bondsman to secure your bail, you’ll be required to pay 10 percent of the bond amount and bond agents will take care of the remaining. He will keep that 10% but prevents you from potentially losing all of the bond sum. If you are unable to pay the entire amount of the bond amount, this could aid.

If you’re looking for help in getting free from prison, talk to the people you care about and ask them to hire a bondsman for your release. The bondsman will have more chances to hire lawyers, plan the case, and even get the charges dropped when you’re not locked in a prison cell.


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