How Measure For Your New Custom Window Shades – SCHUMM

How Measure For Your New Custom Window Shades – SCHUMM

This video will show you the steps to measure windows in order to design custom shades and the best way to make your shades match.

The process of measuring is one of the most crucial steps of customizing your windows. You can hire a professional to take measurements of the windows you have. Many blind businesses will provide the opportunity to consult before installing in where they will calculate the exact measurements. If you’re looking to install things by yourself, you should know few things to take note of.

Make use of a measuring stick made of steel
The measurement should be to the nearest 1/8th of an inch
Are you certain it’s within 1/16th of an inch?

The first step is to measure the wideness and width of the window. The next step is to record the height. You’ll be required to record the thickness of the window. Also, you’ll need to decide where the hardware for the blinds is going to go and where they’ll fit into the window. If you follow these steps and suggestions you’ll have your window ready to be fitted with custom-made shades in just a few minutes. rqg4dhzpk1.

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