Everything You Need to Know About CBD – Health Talk Online

Everything You Need to Know About CBD – Health Talk Online

Are there any benefits from it? Do I have any positive health effects? These are all common questions Doctor Jordan Wagner receives. He explores the origins of CBD, its properties, and whether it offers any health benefits.

Many people believe that CBD is an entirely modern concept, but it actually has a lengthy history. CBD was initially extracted from the cannabis plant in 1942 by a Harvard professor for research into. The product has since become mass-produced and is currently available in a range of items, ranging from lotions for your body to food items.

CBD is the cousin of THC which is the major substance in marijuana that gives you high. People who do not wish to feel elevated, CBD does not contain any THC meaning that you will not experience that high in the event you take CBD.

Though many people are uneasy in regards to CBD but this video should aid you in understanding more about it and demonstrate some of the health benefits CBD can provide. Make sure to consult your doctor before trying CBD to determine if they believe it will benefit you as well.


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