CNC Tool Holders are One of Many That Exemplify the Resurgence of US Manufacturing

CNC Tool Holders are One of Many That Exemplify the Resurgence of US Manufacturing

Retention knobs

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a steep drop in the amount of manufacturing occurring today around the country, with 5.1 million less U.S. workers today than in 2001. Most of this can be attributed to sending work overseas, but luckily a lot of these jobs are starting to come back through reshoring, the process of returning jobs that were shipped overseas back to U.S. for production. This method is helping to restore the country to its old ways of doing things and is putting more people to work.

This can be easily seen with companies that make products for the labor industry, with recent rises in sales for boring heads, end mill holders, presetters, retention knobs and CNC tool holders leading the pack. CNC tool holders in particular have been a driving force in the sales that machine tool manufacturers are experiencing, with sales rising due to more work needing to be performed. These compare to the early days of manufacturing, when tools like the slide rest lathe, turret lathe, milling machine, screw cutting lathe and metal planer were all the rage. This was 1840, and today is something different entirely, with different projects and different needs rising to the task.

Today, tools like collets, which are holding devices that will form a collar of sorts around an object to exert a strong enough force to keep it into place when tightened, are making manufacturing easier too. And even products that were used during earlier war times are finding new uses today, like cannon boring and gun drilling. These techniques first were used to make artillery and firearm barrels but today are commonly used in several industries obviously for other purposes.

What does this really mean for today’s important tools and tool holders like Cnc tool holders? It drives the importance of these tools to make manufacturing easier. With CNC tool holders and their capacity to hold tools for the task at hand, work gets done faster and more effectively, and jobs get to stay in the U.S. now that they are back. Through using CNC tool holders and other common tools and technologies, manufacturing companies add to their arsenals and create truly impactful products that stand up against anything produced by any company outside of the country. With CNC tool holders and other useful tools, they have yet another reason to keep jobs in this country.

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