8 Types of Roofing You Can Choose From – SCHUMM

8 Types of Roofing You Can Choose From – SCHUMM

The main drawback to roofs made of clay is the fact that they can be prone to fractures and breaks because they are naturally brittle. The other disadvantage of clay roofs is that they roofs can only be effective when they are installed with tiles. Clay roofs will last less when they are not connected to frame. The clay should be properly connected to the frame by local roofers. It will be protected against extreme weather conditions.
5. Slate Roof

An slate roof can be described as a roof structure comprised of pieces called shingles, made of natural stone , also known as slate. It’s a very popular roof material used for homes including houses, apartments, and condominiums.

If roofing is being installed The slate is laid over courses. Every course is overlapping the previous one by about three-quarters . This means that the lower edge is only affixed to the surface beneath. Its design is one of the finest options for roofing your house.

Natural slate comes in different varieties of grades and colors (colors). Slate roof shingles are usually ‘split’ as part of the manufacturing process in order to produce flat pieces. A slate roof’s surface will appear to have lines that are visible due to its imperfection. This is particularly true when the alignment of the tiles is poor. Sometime, specific colors are produced from dyes. Rustproofing and protective coatings are other options.

With its distinctive features, slate is classified as hard, medium and soft varieties. Hard slate is durable, dense, and resistant to water. Although it’s usually grey, you may discover it in different shades. It is commonly used in roofing and flooring. Even though medium slate may not be nearly as durable or dense like hard slate, it provides incredible water resistance. The soft slate has the tendency of being green or blue-grey in color. The slate is not suggested for roofing purposes as it’s susceptible to damage from severe weather.

6. Green Roofing

Roofs made of green are an environmentally friendly option


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